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What’s Scratch That Cooking All About?

Scratch That Cooking is written and operated by me, Thomas! I’ve spent the last eight years or so messing around in one home kitchen or another as I try to become the best home cook I can be. I started “cooking” for myself my junior year of college and survived on frozen chicken breasts, Costco tortilla chips, and beer.

I got out of college, got a job writing guest posts on the web, and after three months I looked at my bank account and went… “huh, how come I haven’t gotten more monies than before I started working… my rent isn’t THAT expensive?” That led me down another big “hobby” of mine, personal finance.

After tracking my spending and going through past transactions, I came to realize that our decent rent just a few blocks from downtown Boise had some extra costs associated with it. Mainly the convenient access to Boise’s best restaurants and happy hours that my girlfriend (now wife!) took advantage of.

That kicked me into gear because I knew, thanks to my mom, that you could make great food from scratch at home for pennies on the dollar compared to restaurants. I just didn’t have the confidence or know “why” things turned out the way they did when I cooked. I was just following recipes and hoping for the best.

I’m still not even close to where I want to be, but I’ve gained so much confidence in the kitchen that I want to help people to be the best home cook they want to be. I hear things like:

  • I’m a terrible cook – I could never do that. 
  • I spend so much money at restaurants, I wish I could make good food at home. 
  • I just don’t have the time to cook or to learn how to cook. 

And I want to help people get past those hurdles and realize that cooking from scratch is fun, rewarding, cathartic, and can be a great lifelong hobby versus a chore that so many people regard it as.

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