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Kitchen Basics: Cookware You Need When You Start Cooking

So I put a survey out to my email list and have been answering them on video! And to be completely honest... I'm not that great on camera (yet!) so I'm summarizing the videos here. This is breaking down this great question I got:

"I need to start cooking, presently I can fry an egg, that's it. So to get started what are the basics I need to set up my kitchen? Seasonings and non perishables, cooking utensils etc etc......"

I turned the answer into a four part video playlist, and this post will expand and supplement part three: Knives and Cookware You Need to Start Cooking.

So here goes! This post will cover the items I cover in the above video with links to the best places online to pick them up.

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How to Remove An Avocado Pit and Slice or Dice it Safely

Did you know prepping an avocado is one of the most dangerous tasks to do in the kitchen? It’s such a common healthy food, and the flesh is so soft that this might be surprising… but between people learning to pry out the pit with a knife, and to slice and dice the flesh while it’s still inside the skin, home cooks are keeping emergency rooms and hand surgeons in business.

Don’t believe me? Fine… maybe you’ll listen to Meryl Streep!

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Whole Wheat Banana Molasses Muffins

closeup photo of banana muffin tops

They’re way healthier than they look

I’m not a big muffin fan, but it’s because I got so used to thinking of muffins as these giant cupcakes the size of my head. You know the ones from Costco that taste like they’re 50% sugar?

So when Kailee and I started making muffins to have some easy and healthy breakfasts I wasn’t completely on board. But these whole wheat molasses banana muffins with some oats and pecans thrown in are definitely going to get made again.

The molasses and bananas are the only added sweeteners, and there’s only a half cup of molasses between a dozen muffins… that’s like… a half tablespoon per muffin? Someone check that for me.

Anyway, these are really really good. And they’re easy to make! So if you think all muffin mixes come from a box, or all muffins come from Costco, then you should definitely give these a try. And as always, you can go straight down to the recipe by pressing here.

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The Best Cookbook For Learning How to Cook

Front Cover of America's Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook

The America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook Review

In this post you’re going to dive into The America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook: Everything You Need To Know To Become a Great Cook.

I’ll be showing you exactly why this book is one of my most recommended by taking you into the unique features with photos and explanations, and I’ll also let you know if this isn’t the right book for you (but if you want to be a better home cook, it probably is).

If you’d like, you can pop open another tab and check out The ATK Cooking School Cookbook on Amazon by pressing this link.

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Cheesy Biscuits (From Scratch!)

Cheesy biscuits from Scratch That Cooking

If you’ve raved about Red Lobster’s tableside biscuits, you’ll want to give these a try to see how easy it can be to make delicious, savory, biscuits that burst with flavor and look the part too.

Even if you’ve never baked before, this recipe is very doable. But read through the post on plain biscuits first as I go into detail about why we use buttermilk, and how to easily cut butter into the dough by using fire and ice. Check out the original post here: Buttermilk Biscuits From Scratch

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So What is Scratch Cooking? And How Do You Do It?

Well if you just want the definition I’ll save you some time, it’s “preparing food using basic ingredients rather than buying meals that have already been prepared.”

There ya go. Pretty straight forward, right? Yeah, not exactly… As most definitions do, this one fails to convey the nuances behind the phrase it’s explaining. So let’s break down “scratch cooking” and it’s definition a little more to find out what it means for home cooks.

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